What do you need?

How much energy do you need for your home?


What do you want?

How much energy do you want your solar array to provide?


What do you have?

What is your home’s solar potential?

Some points to consider:

  • Do you want to get to “net zero”, or offset your electric bill by a certain amount?
  • Do you predict any changes in your lifestyle over the next few years (eg., growing family, downsizing, etc.)?
  • For existing buildings, have you done any energy conservation retrofitting?
  • For new buildings, have you considered passive solar and other conservation methods to help minimize your energy needs?

What’s next?

Site assessment

You’ve done the homework. What next?

Look at your property.

You could have the best intentions in the world, but sometimes a property just doesn’t have adequate solar resource. For example, you’re shaded by trees or other tall buildings all day, or you’re oriented east-west with no southerly exposure options. If that’s the case, solar might not be for you.

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