Every so often we’ll post an item that is exactly what the title says, the stuff we like. This is a select status for us, for items that we think are interesting and worthy of sharing. We gauge it by how well an item does on our “goosebump-meter”–if it gives us goosebumps, it’s gotta be good.

This is not restricted to one single topic category. The links, articles or images here might be innovative renewable/alternative energy designs, neat science stuff, or even pictures that we think everyone should see if they can’t experience it firsthand.

Company:  Solartron logo


The Solarbeam Concentrator maximizes the efficiency of solar hot water systems. According to Solartron, it uses patent-pending technology to provide 10kW of heat per hour throughout the entire day.

We’re not going to use a lot of space here talking up this idea. (Solartron’s website naturally does that better than we would, and you can check it out directly by clicking on their logo above.) But we will say that we think this is one of the most innovative solutions for renewables that we’ve seen in a long time. The potential for both residential and commercial use of this product is mind-boggling–and their head office is in Amherst, Nova Scotia, so how can you beat that?

SolarBeam’s computer-controlled 2-axis tracking system maximizes solar concentration equivalent to 350 suns, which means more efficiency throughout the day.

We can’t say enough about this, it has our goosebump-meter practically off the charts. Skeptical? Check it out for yourself on their website, http://www.solartronenergy.com. We dare you to remain skeptical afterward!