Award-winning solar-powered well pump

SAGE Energy salutes Cory Manuel, who has (among other significant contributions to the world) designed a new solar-powered well pump that will soon be in use in Nigeria.

Cory Manuel is a long-time associate of SAGE Energy who is soon to graduate from the electrical engineering and technology program at Nova Scotia Community College’s Waterfront Campus. He created the device in consultation with Olugu Ukpai, a Nigerian missionary who now calls Halifax home, and worked on it with fellow student Josh Murray.

Cory was presented with an award for his design by the school, and the design has been submitted to a national competition.

SAGE is proud to salute Cory’s accomplishments, and we hope that this new design will soon be considered a standard piece of essential equipment.

The Chronicle Herald recently published an article featuring Cory and the new design, which you can read here on the Herald’s website.