Renewable energy installers providing service throughout Atlantic Canada.

SAGE PV projects

Looking to offset your electrical consumption? Right from the first step, your system is designed by our own Red Seal journeyman electrician. We will ensure your system provides the maximum amount of energy possible for your property.

SAGE Energy will submit Enhanced Net Metering applications on your behalf, and ensure that the process is as seamless as possible. Installed systems will continue to produce energy for over 25 years, and the components we choose and our installation will ensure the longest life for your equipment.

Use our Online Calculator to get a ballpark for your solar energy, or contact us to arrange a site assessment.

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Providing power for your remote home, cottage, island, or even small communities. Off-grid solar or wind can be an excellent choice. SAGE Energy’s expert knowledge will ensure that your off-grid energy system is installed properly and safely – the first time.

If your system isn’t performing as expected (due to time, changes in your energy needs, or poor design) we have the specialty tools and skills to analyze, diagnose and make recommendations and/or repairs. SAGE has performed countless repairs to poorly designed or installed systems.

Do it right – the first time.

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Batteries are the heart (and energy reservoir) of an off-grid power systems. Using high quality deep cycle batteries is critical to the success of any off-grid energy system. SAGE is proud to be a dealer for Nova Scotia’s own Surrette Battery, which manufactures an exceptional renewable energy battery.

A properly designed battery bank will give you years of service, while a poorly-designed battery bank will only offer years of frustration. Options range from maintenance-free (AGM) to models that require some annual hands-on attention.

Your batteries are a critical component for your off-grid comfort. 

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SAGE Energy has been involved with installation or service of wind turbines by several manufacturers in the watt, kilowatt (kW) and megawatt (MW) sizes. Properly designed, located, and installed, wind turbines can be a perfect clean energy choice.

SAGE does not recommend installation of a wind turbine unless you are considering a large model (5kW or higher). For residential renewable energy, solar is most often a better choice for a number of reasons. We offer popular maintenance programs for all of our clients. Availability is subject to the make and manufacturer of your equipment.

Do it right – the first time.

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The Right Tools. The Right Knowledge.


Expert knowledge.

Do it right – the first time. Our expert technicians will ensure that your system will be installed properly and safely. We can also address problematic or poorly-performing existing systems.

Licensed and insured.

SAGE Energy is proud of its COR certification from Nova Scotia’s Construction Safety Association. We are also licensed and insured contractors, to help assure our clients that we’re here for the long haul.

Ethical and Reliable.

Experienced, ethical, and reliable. We know how hard it can be to find a good contractor, and we value our clients’ trust in us. We stand proudly behind our work, and the equipment we install for you.

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We specialize in solar and wind power, and we love what we do. Installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and more.


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