Welcome to our links page. We strive to keep these current, but if you notice any “rotted” links please let us know. Or, if you have a site you feel should be added to our list, send us the information!


Reduce Your Waste

Efficiency Nova Scotia

ecoNova Scotia

Solar Nova Scotia

Ecology Action Centre



Home Power – a US publication but with some excellent articles on both off-grid and grid-tied energy systems. Of particular interest to the DIY-er.

Cottage Life – An occasional source of great relevant articles. The link provided here is one we wish we had written ourselves about choosing between off-grid vs grid-tied energy.

Things We Like


Scotian Wind Fields

Endurance Wind Power


Solartron Energy

Maritime Eco Energy Solutions

Other Things We Like

Wind Atlas

Nature Nova Scotia

Scotian Hiker


Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Halifax)

Nova Scotia Bird Society

Buy Nothing Christmas


Solar Energy International

Falls Brook Centre

Wind-Works (Paul Gipe)

Solar Living Institute