Solar Powered Oyster Barge

Using solar to power the oyster sorter on a floating barge.

  • Date: May 2019
  • Client: Eel Lake Oyster Farm, Yarmouth Co.
  • Project Type: Off-Grid Solar PV Installation

About this Project

This description is taken partly from a CBC article August 21, 2019.

One of the largest oyster operations in the province is now using solar power on a new barge they recently built that sits anchored in the waters off the community of Lower Eel Brook. The solar panels are attached to a dozen large battery packs that store power. With 8 solar modules mounted on the roof, and 12 maintenance-free Surrette deep cycle batteries inside, the system was installed when the barge was brought in to shore.

Now the oyster sorter is working perfectly with the solar panels. “We’ve been running it for eight hours a day, five days a week and we haven’t had any issues yet,” said Colton D’Eon, operations manager for D’Eon Oyster. “We can actually run this machine for two consecutive days even if it was pitch black outside.”


This was a new experience for our team to install a system on a floating barge, subject to the tide level – sometimes we needed a ladder, and sometimes we didn’t! We are thrilled that Oyster Lake Eel Farm chose us to work on this unique project, and we can’t wait to see their continued success.

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