Wind Turbine Service

The manufacturer of the Raum 1.5kW wind turbine is no longer operational, but it was a beautiful model well suited to this off-grid hybrid wind/solar system.

  • Date: August 2012
  • Client: Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute
  • Project Type: Wind Turbine Maintenance

About this Project

The Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute is one of our favourite repeat clients. In 2012, their facility operated on an off-grid hybrid wind/solar system using a Raum 1.5kW wind turbine. The Raum 1.5kW was made by Raum Energy of Saskatchewan, a company that won an award for innovative technology in 2009.

Although Raum Energy has since disappeared, the Raum 1.5kW was a beautiful unit that we felt was perfectly suited to off-grid applications.

  • Regular service is required by any machine with moving parts
  • Annual maintenance can include:

    • Checking and tightening bolts and electrical connections as necessary
    • Checking machines for corrosion and the guy wires for proper tension
    • Checking for and replace any worn leading edge tape on the turbine blades, if appropriate
    • Replacing the turbine blades and/or bearings if needed.

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