Off-Grid Solar PV Annapolis Valley

Sometimes you need to remove your system to do some renovations, then put that system back on again – with some expansion and updates.

  • Date: Jul 2015
  • Client:¬†Homeowner in Annapolis Valley
  • Project Type: Off-Grid Solar PV Installation

About this Project

    Sometimes a homeowner will put in a system that works just fine for their needs, but down the road decide to do some home renovations that require some rejigging of the original system.
    This homeowner has a great setup, with an existing solar PV array as well as solar hot water (not shown in images). When time came to do some renovations, our team decommissioned the PV arrays so the homeowner could do his construction.
    When he was ready, we returned to install and commission the system. We were able to modify one of the existing arrays originally installed at a 90-degree angle on the front wall, to an angled array to improve energy production. We also installed another array over the addition. 
    The resulting expansion to the off-grid solar system has allowed for an increase in family comfort in this home.
The completed installation, with improved angle for original array and an added second array.
The original system, with renovations just starting.
Halfway there! Racking installed, including the modification to the angle of the wall-mounted array.

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