Off-Grid Solar PV Installation

The “Cadillac” of off-grid solar PV.

  • Date: Mar 2014
  • Client:¬†Wayne Rostad, Eastern Passage
  • Project Type: Off-Grid Solar PV Installation

About this Project

    Wayne contacted us after many false starts with his research into the off-grid renewable world. He was determined to have the best solar PV system for his fabulous off-grid property in Eastern Passage.
    After a few meetings with others went awry, Wayne contacted SAGE Energy to design and install the “Cadillac” of off-grid solar projects for his new home. Our team installed a 6kW off-grid solar array on a sea-container. The seacan was set strategically so that it wouldn’t intrude on his extraordinary views of the Atlantic Ocean.
    Together with a backup generator to cover any extended periods of fog or other low energy production days, this system is truly a Cadillac for a one-of-a-kind property.

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