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Digby County, Nova Scotia

Off-grid battery bank upgrade

Located in a very remote area of Digby County in Nova Scotia, this year-round residence has a small but very critical off-grid solar system. Hookup to the electrical utility is not an option for this client, so the off-grid energy source has to be consistent and sufficient for their needs.

This client has been a repeat customer for various types of service over the years (solar PV upgrades, backup generator service, and battery equalizations) and in 2013 the client decided a battery bank upgrade was required.

We replaced the original batteries with 12 Surrette 2KS-33P batteries, rated for 1766Amp hours @20hr rate. As these batteries are warranted for 10 years, and combined with the existing solar PV and other equipment, we fully expect this upgrade to perform efficiently for many years to come.

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August 2013


Residential off-grid solar


SAGE Energy

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