One size does NOT fit all.

Off-grid solar is a completely different beast from grid-tied, even though some of the equipment required is the same.

Your installer needs to have a very careful and thorough understanding of off-grid energy applications. Even qualified electricians are not usually trained in off-grid DC systems, and whether you’re living “off the radar” or not, the risks of a poor installation are not worth any perceived savings.

There is a lot more to solar than just bolting panels to your roof.

We understand how to design an efficient but aesthetically pleasing solar array that is properly installed.

With our exceptional technical knowledge of off-grid power, we’ll ensure that your off-grid system is properly sized and installed. We also offer regular maintenance for clients who request it, or we’ll train you to look after your system yourself.

If your off-grid solar system was designed poorly or installed improperly, chances are you’re experiencing problems. Maybe it’s not performing as well as you’d been promised by your installer, or it’s not performing at all. Or you’ve (inadvertently or otherwise) added electrical loads after it was designed and installed, and the solar system can no longer keep up.

Installation shortcuts, poor quality components, misaligned arrays, as well as increases in system loads that weren’t taken into account during the initial design – any or all of these can result in an off-grid system that is not producing enough energy for your needs.

SAGE Energy provides consultation and repairs to numerous residential systems, including cottages and primary residences, and we also provide consultation services to insurance companies. We have the tools and expertise to provide analysis, diagnosis and repairs. Contact us for further inquiry.

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What is off-grid solar?

Typical Off-grid Equipment

  • Solar PV modules

  • Battery bank

  • Racking

  • Inverter(s)

  • Charge controller

  • Required Electrical Safety (i.e. fuses, breakers, disconnects)

  • Energy Monitoring (optional)

  • Backup generator (optional)

An off-grid solar system captures sunlight with solar panels and stores the energy in a bank of deep cycle batteries. Because solar panels produce energy only when the sun is shining (no, they don’t work at night – check our FAQ page), battery storage is necessary to ensure access to electricity at all times.

Looking to “unplug” your conventional home and go off-grid? You may see encouraging advice elsewhere, but we’ll tell you right now, it’s not realistic. Read about your grid-tied options here. 

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