UPDATED May 8, 2019

Solar power is a perfect example of efficiency. So when Efficiency Nova Scotia announced its new SolarHomes rebate for Nova Scotian homeowners late in June 2018, it seems like a natural fit.

The new program provides Nova Scotians with a rebate towards the installed cost of a Solar PV system.

The program rebate started out at $1.00/watt but due to unexpectedly high demand, Efficiency NS made some modifications to the program in April 2019. As of May 2019, the rebate is now $0.85/watt for eligible solar photovoltaic systems. For most systems, the rebate will equate to approximately 30% of the cost of the system.

When the rebate program launched, Efficiency NS expected the average rebate to be about $7,000, with the maximum rebate $10,000. The revised rebate maximum is now $8,500.

Bear in mind that this rebate is in addition to the cost savings you can expect on your power bills after installing a solar PV system.

About SolarHomes

Applications will be available in mid-August. Rebates will be paid for solar photovoltaic systems that meet all program criteria and are pre-approved by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Your solar installers must also be pre-approved by Efficiency Nova Scotia.


Efficiency NS states that most Nova Scotia homeowners will be eligible. Further details are available on Efficiency NS’s website (see link below).

The four-year program is launched in mid-August 2018.


Program details can be found on Efficiency Nova Scotia’s website. Program eligibility is subject to change. Please be sure to get your pre-approval application submitted and approved before you engage in any equipment or installation purchase.

Other Programs

The SolarHomes program will complement Halifax Regional Municipality’s (HRM) Solar City Program, and rebates will be made available to HRM Solar City participants whose systems are connected on or after June 25, 2018.

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