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2022 Message from our Founder, Rob Sedgwick

Effective Feb 1, 2022 – NSP System Access Charge for Net-Metered PV

Nova Scotia Power Inc (NSPI) has requested to the Utility and Review Board (UARB) and now implemented a monthly charge of $8/kW on any new solar PV installations connected to their grid. This abrupt announcement gives little to no notice to installers, end consumers, government or any other stakeholders regarding investment in grid-connected PV systems for their residences.

I’m sure it needs not be said but this is incredibly damaging to the environmental goals of Nova Scotia, the businesses and jobs involved in solar and all the end consumers with wishes to do all the right things with their earnings. As it stands I cannot ethically encourage any new PV installations to be applied for under this system of charges. I encourage all stakeholders to engage their local municipal & provincial representatives, Solar Nova Scotia, Efficiency Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Power Inc or all of these entities to share your thoughts on this matter.

We are providing both .doc and .pdf versions of the letter template as provided by Solar Nova Scotia. Please choose the links that are suitable for you.

Editable MS Word letter template to your MLA as a Customer:

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