Renewable Energy

A selection of posts about renewable energy that interest us. Some of these posts are bragging about our own renewable energy services, and some are about other related Maritime services that we think you should know.

13 07, 2018

New Solar Rebate Program for Nova Scotia Homeowners

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*Updated May 2019* Nova Scotia homeowners can be eligible for up to $8500 rebate for their solar PV installs through the SolarHomes program by Efficiency NS. What does it mean for you, and how can you take advantage of it for your own home or cottage?

12 03, 2018

‘I’ve got the sun above me’: How to power your home with renewable energy

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The article below is taken from the full article written by CBC News' Richard Woodbury and published online on Feb 25, 2018. We encourage readers to follow the link to the full article as we think it's a great reference point, and follow the links contained if further interested. Of course the fact that our own

29 06, 2016

Solar City 2.0

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If you're a Halifax or HRM property owner and missed out on the pilot program, this might be of interest to you. Halifax's Solar City program is back with Solar City 2.0. After a successful pilot program, the program was approved for a further 3 years, with a few subtle changes. Property owners now have a choice of three solar collection technologies, including solar PV, solar hot air, and/or solar thermal.

5 06, 2012

Solar-powered well pumps – a new design

By |2016-11-05T11:04:17-03:00June 5th, 2012|Renewable Energy|

Award-winning solar-powered well pump SAGE Energy salutes Cory Manuel, who has (among other significant contributions to the world) designed a new solar-powered well pump that will soon be in use in Nigeria. Cory Manuel is a long-time associate of SAGE Energy who is soon to graduate from the electrical engineering and technology program at Nova