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Articles and opinions from SAGE Energy’s lead technician, Rob Sedgwick, to help business and homeowners with their energy efficiency and energy conservation.

17 01, 2012

Refrigeration Tips Part 2: Heat Transfer – SAGE Advice #6

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Refrigeration - Part 2: Heat transfer Heat transfer is an interesting part of science. Your refrigerator uses electricity to displace the heat inside the fridge to the exterior of the fridge, and keeps these environments isolated through the use of insulation and seals. As soon as any contents (say, a margarine tub) from inside the fridge are moved to outside the fridge (the counter, the table) you have begun to let the heat in the room transfer into those contents.

4 01, 2012

Electronic Thermostats – SAGE Advice #5

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Resolution Time - Happy New Year! I’ve borrowed a great resolution strategy from a friend of mine (thanks Heather) in hopes that it would be universally adopted. I would love to see all grid-tied electricity consumers reduce their energy consumption by...oh I don’t about a target of 9.1%. Of course I would encourage anybody to reduce their energy consumption without limitation but I think 9.1% would be a very appropriate target for the New Year.

15 11, 2011

Daylight Savings Time: The Gripe – SAGE Advice #4

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The Issue: Although I am not a big fan of this semi-annual clock adjustment, I do support its historically intended function, as contentious as it is and only until its function can be proven irrelevant. Given that DST was designed and implemented over a century ago, the contention lies in whether today’s energy usage patterns are remotely close to what they were then--and whether different districts (latitudinal and longitudinal) are affected by it universally.

15 08, 2011

Refrigeration Tips Part 1: Maintenance – SAGE Advice #3

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Part 1: Maintenance - If you are reading this, chances are you are probably human. And that being a fact, you probably neglect things (sometimes). I must encourage all human beings to occasionally clean their poor refrigerator’s heat exchanging coils for the sake of our environment.

3 06, 2011

Kettle vs microwave? (Cuppa tea?) – SAGE Advice #1

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I’d like to introduce one of my favourite parts of science (and of law among physics) with a simple hot-water-for-a-cup-of-tea scenario. In our part of the world, most homes will have: hot water through taps, a kettle and a microwave. This is what occurs based on these various energy systems: